Monday, July 9, 2012

Sideways Gradient Tutorial.

I've been wanting to do another youtube tutorial for a while now, and I've finally gotten around to it! One of my posts that a lot of people expressed interest in was the lime sideways gradient I posted around a month ago. I've gotten a lot of questions about gradients in general, as well as that specific manicure, so it seemed like a good choice for a tutorial. Here is the video...

And here is a better look at the finished design...

 I used the same glitter from my last sideways gradient (Color Club Starry Temptress,) but chose different neons for the gradients. The ones I used this time were China Glaze Shocking Pink and Color Club Wink Wink Twinkle. The finishing touch was a magenta rhinestone!

I'm still working on the filming set-up and finding out how to make better videos, but hopefully this was helpful! I had a lot of suggestions for other tutorials people would like to see, so I'll be working on those soon.

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