Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Born Pretty Half Pearls Wheel Review.

I mentioned in my post about my giveaway that I had been sent a few more Born Pretty Store products to review, and the first one I'm going to be talking about is a wheel of multicolored pearls. 

I've slowly been branching out into making my manicures more 3-D from time to time (rhinestones, steel balls, etc.) and I thought pearls were the perfect thing to try out next. I wasn't sure exactly what the best way to use them would be, so I decided to just play around by using the pearls to create a fun accent nail design on top of a very neutral base color (OPI Skull and Glossbones.)

For testing out the pearls for the first time I wanted to make use of some of the great color options, so I used four different ones.

If you've had any experience with using rhinestones for nail art, working with half pearls is very much the same. I dipped a dotting tool in a small amount of topcoat to pick up a pearl and then placed it on my nail while my base color was still drying. The whole process went very smoothly. Some of the pearls were connected on the sides, but they break apart very easily.

I'm already brainstorming more ideas of how I could use the pearls. I definitely want to include them in a floral design sometime!

If you need pearls in your nail art collection, this wheel costs just $3.55. And as always, you can use my 10% off code for any Born Pretty purchases!