Friday, July 27, 2012

Born Pretty Fimo Slice Wheel Review.

When Born Pretty asked me about items I'd be interested in reviewing, I went on my tumblr and asked if anyone had certain types of nail art supplies they'd like to see me incorporate into a manicure. Multiple people suggested fimo slices, so I decided to review this wheel with twelve different fimo slices (and 120 pieces.) 

This wheel is perfect for someone who wants to experiment with fimo slices and hasn't used them before (like me.) The fact that they're pre-sliced makes everything extra simple, and you get a good variety of slices to try out. One of my favorites is a tiny teddy bear. I don't know how I would use it in a manicure just yet, but it's awfully cute. The other slices include an apple, a heart, a smiley face, multi-colored butterflies, and more.

For my very first manicure using fimo slices I chose to use the pink flowers.

The manicure was inspired by Katy Perry's nails in the Wide Awake music video. I used China Glaze Sunset Sail as my base color, and then freehanded fun french tips onto my nails. The purple is OPI Done Out in Deco, and the other colors I mixed to get the right shades.

I didn't have any problems with using the fimo slices, I just placed a little topcoat where I wanted them and then put them on my nail and once they were all placed I added a layer of topcoat over the entire nail.

Besides keeping things nice and simple for a first time fimo user, this wheel is just $1.79. And once again here is my 10% off coupon code for you to use!

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