Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lime Sideways Gradient Nails.

I saw a picture of a manicure where the gradient was going sideways and immediately added it to my to-do list. Gradients are becoming increasingly popular this summer, and this is an easy but fun twist. 

The colors I used for the gradient are American Apparel Neon Yellow and China Glaze In the Lime Light. Overtop the gradient I added a coat of Color Club Starry Temptress, and one rhinestone at the base of the nail as a final touch.


  1. This is really cool. I love the rhinestone idea too.

  2. Love the colors and the idea is amazing, to make the gradient sideways! You are very talented!

  3. Margaret, you will probably get a lot more feedback on your posts if you took off the verification code. I never realized when I started on blogger that they have it on automatically unless you turn it off yourself. It took me three tries on the post above. Those things are getting harder and harder. Some people may just give up. You have great mani's, you deserve to hear the feedback.

  4. Hey! I am totally obsessed with these nails, have been from the moment I first saw them. I gave them a feature post on my blog. ♥

    Feature Friday