Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mermaid Tail Nails.

I started my attempt at mermaid nails yesterday but wasn't liking how things were going, so I decided to put it on hold. After looking at my half-finished manicure some more, I decided that I didn't want to just scrap things completely because I really liked the soft teal gradient (it ended up photographing a bit more blue, but the tealness is very evident in person.) So I stuck with that and decided to go in a different direction.

The design I stamped with is from the BM-209 plate, and I stamped with Sally Hansen Silver Sweep.

For the gradient I used OPI Mermaid Tears and China Glaze Shower Together, with Sinful Colors Hottie over top. And here is a picture of the gradient on it's own just because.

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