Sunday, June 24, 2012

Born Pretty Cuticle Oil Review.

The last item I was sent to review by Born Pretty Store is a cuticle oil. This is the orange nutritional cuticle oil. 

I chose the orange scent because I love citrus scents, but Born Pretty has lots of other scent options. Don't worry about the scent though, it's a very light scent that I don't think you would notice if you weren't looking for it.  

I applied cuticle oil pretty often even before I received this product, but I find myself applying this one even more because of its great packaging. This is so convenient, I've seen lipgloss with this kind of packaging, but never a nail care item. The packaging makes it perfect to throw in your purse and use on the go, something I would never do with my other cuticle oil because I would be worried about it leaking. 

Other than the packaging, I also really like that this oil absorbs into my skin very quickly. I usually will put a bit of cuticle oil on before I take my nail photos to make everything look extra nice, and then I have to wait for the cuticle oil to be absorbed into my skin so that it doesn't look too shiny. Being able to cut down on that waiting time is great!

The cuticle oil is $1.79, the perfect price for a bit of convenient nail care. And of course I have my 10% off coupon code for you!

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  1. Thanks for the time and effort of another fab post, thanks to this I have ordered the 15pc brush set, a steel ball wheel, some chain style stickers and 5 clean up pens, all from Born Pretty and all for under a tenner! Bargain!