Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Born Pretty Brush Set Review.

I posted a few reviews for items from Born Pretty Store at the start of the month, and I have a few more items I'll be reviewing over the next few days.

Today I have a review for a brush set offered by Born Pretty. This one has fifteen pieces, including: fan brushes, striper brushes, detail brushes, angled brushes, a dotting tool, and more. 

In order to be able to give these brushes a thorough review, I've been testing them out and putting them to good use for my last few manicures. 

I've already found a few new favorite brushes, the smaller angled brush is perfect for cleanup and the thinner striper brush actually made me feel like I wasn't too horrid at doing straight lines (see my middle finger in today's manicure for proof.) 

I wanted to do a manicure to go along with this review, and after a bit of consideration I figured the best option was a skittle manicure, so I could use a bunch of brushes for one design! I put the dotting tool, both fan brushes, and both striper brushes to use for these nails. The polishes I used are OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender, Mermaid Tears, and Steady as She Rose, and Sally Hansen Silver Sweep.

This was a great way to play around with the brushes, and I really liked how fun this manicure turned out to be. I might even have to do a full plaid manicure in the near future. 

All in all I think this is a really great brush set. It has every type of brush (and more) that I would need for any of the manicures I do. For all fifteen brushes it's only $4.74, which is a great price. Before getting this set I mostly used paint brushes that I cut down for nail art, and for fifteen of them it would add up to a lot more than $4.74. This would be a perfect starter kit if you don't have many nail art brushes yet, or if you aren't happy with the ones you do have.

And once again I have my 10% off Born Pretty coupon for you to use!


  1. This is great- I'm actually in the market for new brushes since the ones I have are awful! I just placed two orders with Born Pretty this week- looks like I will be placing a third!

  2. I love your skittles manicure! The brushes look great. What did you use the fan brushes for though? I've never been able to figure out their use! XD