Sunday, December 23, 2012

Holiday Dot Border Nails.

Added a dotted border over any base color can make for a really cute manicure, and it's a design I haven't done in a while. I posted another manicure with a dotted border back in May, but I decided it was time to revisit the design! 

And it works perfectly with a holiday theme.

I chose three very shimmery polishes, which adds nicely to the festiveness. I used China Glaze Swing Baby, Ahoy!, and Watermelon Ring.


  1. Came out cute. I might try this with Zoya Ziv - I don't have ChG Swing Baby...oh and I think you meant to type ChG Watermelon Rind not Ring - right?

  2. Margaret, I'd love to invite you to be on our World Styling Team and work the NICK KCA pre styling party in March, shoot me your email and I'll send you an invite, you do have to travel to Los Angeles, Anne 818/249-7724, or