Saturday, December 15, 2012

Biotin Progress.

I've been taking biotin for exactly a month and a half now, so I thought I would update you guys. I've taken it everyday since November 1st (I posted about it here.) 

I feel like it's hard to judge for myself so here are my nail progress photos.

The first photo is of my nails on November 1st, the second is on November 17th. I cut them around November 25th (the third picture.) And the last photo is what they look like today!

My nails have always grown fairly quickly, so it's difficult to judge if they really are growing faster. But, more importantly, they seem to have been a lot stronger lately so I've gotten to stop worrying about them breaking all the time. And as a happy bonus I think my hair is growing a bit faster!

What has your experience with biotin been?

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  1. Biotin has really helped me too! Before I could never keep my nails long--one would always break off and I had to file them all down. I've been taking biotin for about 6 months now, and there have been two or three times recently I've hit my nail on something and didn't even want to look down... I just knew it'd be ruined... but when I did, it was perfectly fine! Things that would have broken them before don't anymore. I'm very pleased with it :)
    (swear I'm not trying to link-drop here, I just want to show you: )
    this is the length I like to keep my nails, and I could never do it before biotin. Now I actually have to cut them when they get too long!
    Anyway, long comment is long. Just got so excited that others are having good results too. Keep up the gorgeous work, your manis are always lovely!