Monday, April 23, 2012

Paint Splatter Nails.

Sometimes when I'm doing a manicure I set out with a design in mind and pick colors accordingly, other times I begin with a color and work from there. For this manicure I started with a color, OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue! I bought this polish after Christmas and haven't used it very much yet. It's really pretty though. It reminds me of OPI Ink if the shimmer was blue. From there I decided I wanted to do paint splatter nails. These are a really easy design, and it makes a really nice french manicure type design that doesn't scream french manicure.

The paint splatters are done in Sally Hansen Brisk Blue and Color Club Lumin-Icent. Lumin-Icent looks very silver in the photos (and in person at times) but it actually is a very pale ice blue. Perfect for bringing out the shimmer in the base color.