Friday, April 20, 2012

Minnie Mouse Nails.

I love doing manicures using dotting tools and Minnie Mouse nails are perfect for that.

All of my fingers except the accent nail are painted with Julep January. As I've mentioned I don't typically wear red, but this is a nice color with a classic feel to it. My accent nail and the white dots are Sally Hansen Whirlwind White. The Minnie heads were done with Wet n Wild Ebony Hates Chris, and then I added bows with January.

I wasn't originally planning to add the bows, but I think they were a nice finishing touch to pull everything together.

I've been wanting to do this manicure for a while and I'm very happy with it, it came out better than I was expecting!


  1. This is just seriously cute!

  2. Super cute! So that's all done with a dotting tool?

  3. How'd you do the mickey heads though? I got my regular mani yesterday. I have Ink gel on my nails in a barbie pink and my accent nail is grey. I want a single mickey silhouette head in pink on my accent finger and the girls at the shop could not figure it out! I'm stumped too. So I thought I'd enlist you! You've the best nails on the web! I'm going to Disneyland June 1st and really really want my mickey mouse. Any suggestions?

    1. Gwen, for Mickey heads I just do a big dot and two smaller ones on both sides at the top. Not hard at all. Hope you enjoy/enjoyed your vacation at Disney! :)

  4. Hi Margaret! You will be featured as Julep's NOTD on our facebook, twitter, instagram and blog today! Thanks for sharing your nail art!

    xo Julep

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