Friday, April 27, 2012

Orly Nail Rescue Review.

I posted about buying Orly Nail Rescue back at the beginning of April, and now I've had a few chances to test it out so I wanted to let you know my thoughts. 

First of all, the process is basically fool proof. You brush on the glue, dip your nail in the powder, and then buff the area. It couldn't be more quick or easy. 

I haven't had a major break in any of my nails for a while (thankfully) but I've had a few cracks recently, so I used Orly Nail Rescue on them before they could get any worse. I tested the product out on a small crack on my thumb and another on my index finger. Both have been doing great, especially my thumb which was a bit worse. 

I'm extremely pleased with this product. It's nice not having to worry that if one of your nails gets a little break you'll have to cut them all down! 

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