Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Born Pretty Detail Brush Review.

I reviewed the other Born Pretty Store products I received most recently at the end of August, but I was holding off on the last product I had to review. That product is this single Born Pretty brush. I waited a bit longer to post about it so that I could work it into my nail art routine and try it out for a few different manicures.

I reviewed a BPS brush set a few months ago, but I thought it would be helpful to talk about an individual brush. And a detail brush is what I reach for most often when I'm doing any freehand nail art. I'm always looking for new detail brushes since they get worn out, and this one is a nice size and has made a nice addition to my nail art supplies.

My brushes definitely take a beating from all the manicures and all the acetone, so this brush's $1.32 price tag is perfect, that way if it starts getting worn out it is no big deal to replace!

If you're interested in ordering this brush or anything else from BPS, you can use my 10% off coupon code, BRJ61.

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