Monday, September 10, 2012

Sheep Nails.

I knew I wanted to do a freehand design for today's manicure, but couldn't decide on anything. After a few failed ideas, I found inspiration from this manicure. And I think the results are super cute!

I did a gradient with Revlon Blue Lagoon and China Glaze Tree Hugger for the sky and the grass. For the actual sheep I used acrylic paints.


  1. So cute! They remind me of some mattress commercials I used to see on TV... can't remember the brand. Adorable!

    1. Those are the Wallace & Gromit sheep, the commercial was for Serta. I LOVE those sheep! :)

  2. Those are too cute! I am in total awe of how uniform they are--excellent work!

  3. Love that! I raise and show sheep, so I will use this to wear for my shows, and jackpots! Thanks!