Friday, January 3, 2014

Golden Caviar Nails.

I've done a bunch of fun manicures that used buillion beads or caviar pearls. However, until now I had never done an actual caviar manicure where you cover the entire nail with the beads. But I received one of the Caviar Manicure Luxe sets from Ciaté recently and decided it was time I try it out! 

The set I have is in the color Gleam which is a darker gold color, and the polish is called Gold Digga. I love gold accessories and good nail art is always the best accessory, so this was a great fit.

As far as application I was very pleased to find that the caviar manicure is about as simple as it can get. You just paint your nails and then pour on the beads.

I won't talk about the wearability of this too much, but if you're looking for a manicure to last you through the workday you aren't looking in the right place. This is pretty much the ideal party manicure. It's shiny and fun and would be a good conversation starter. I can't say I'll be breaking out the caviar manicure all the time now, but I definitely will be doing this again for a special occasion!

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