Thursday, January 2, 2014

Glam Snowflake Nails.

It's been snowing all day here and I decided I needed a manicure to match. I posted a stamped snowflake design a little over a year ago, so I thought it would be a great time to try freehand snowflakes.

I also chose to not use the typical snow-y manicure colors and went with polishes that would match my style and wardrobe a little better. I used Bellisimo Naples Night Out for the base color and Orly Rage for the dots and snowflakes. At first I was thinking I would stick to just snowflakes on my nails, but after I started I decided to add lots of dots to mimic snow. Plus, I happen to think dots done in Orly Rage are super pretty!

When I decided to try doing snowflakes in an untraditional color with an unexpected background color I wasn't sure if it would end up translating well, but I was very happy with the color combination when I finished. I love how it mixes things up a little.