Monday, January 14, 2013

Camouflage Nails.

I steer clear of most things that are camouflage, but I'm very happy to find that it makes for really cute nail art! When I started I wasn't sure if I'd like how the design turned out, but I ended up being very pleased with it. I could definitely see myself trying a fun, summer-y version in the future. 

For this manicure I used OPI Skull & Glossbones, We'll Always Have Paris, Don't Mess with OPI!, Brake for Manicures, and Mary Kay Tempting Teal.


  1. You're a genius and so talented! Whoever bought you the Tempting Teal is a fashionista!!

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  3. Beautiful, it looks similar to military camouflage. By the way, how was this done?
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  4. You really are talented. I started doing manicure recently but I doubt I will have too much success ^^