Saturday, October 27, 2012

Past Halloween Nails.

I have a few Halloween manicures in mind for this year, but before I get to those I thought I'd share my favorites that I wore last Halloween!

These eye nails were completely inspired by this manicure and tutorial. I really loved them, I think they're the perfect mix of creepy and fun.

Scream is my favorite scary movie, so of course a Ghostface accent nail is perfect, and the rest of the nails are nice and creepy.

This manicure just screams Halloween to me with all the orange and black and spiders. Normally I wouldn't want spiders anywhere near me, but somehow on the nails they manage to be pretty cool!


  1. Most of the big parties were last night (Sat) for this yrs Halloween since it falls on Wen this yr. It's my b'day, so I am always ready to party no matter what day it falls on! Nice eyeballs here!

  2. The mani with the eyes is perfect!