Sunday, November 4, 2012

Born Pretty Square Studs Review.

It's time for more Born Pretty Store reviews! The first thing that I was sent this time that I'll be reviewing are the gold square studs. After I tried these studs last time, I knew I wanted to test out something different! I stuck with the gold but chose a 4mm square stud to mix things up.

Studs have quickly become my favorite way to easily take any manicure from just being polished nails to being nail art. 

These studs really do quickly transform any manicure! I chose to put them over top of OPI Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine! because I've been loving the dark grey or gunmetal and gold combination lately. (The polish photographed black but it's described as a "black olive" and really looks grey.)

The only thing about these studs is that the 4mm size is definitely a bit on the large side for my nails. If the top of your nails are flatter, this size might be perfect for you but mine are very curved so the studs can't lay completely flat. I'm still happy with them because they lay flat enough that they aren't going anywhere and you can't tell unless you're inspecting the manicure from the side. However, I think that a 2mm or 3mm stud might be better suited for anyone with smaller or more curved nails.

Any of those stud choices is going to be a little less than $6 and as always you can use my BPS coupon code, BRJ61 for 10% off!


  1. They are big studs but do look pretty on your nails :)

  2. Cool idea... Have a great evening. Xoxo V.V.