Friday, August 24, 2012

Born Pretty Velvet Scrunchie Review.

I've posted a bunch of reviews for various items from Born Pretty Store throughout this summer. Most of which have been about nail art products, however BPS has a lot more to offer. Among those offerings are hair decorations. When I saw they sold a velvet scrunchie, I knew I had to have it.

If you know me, I love the 90's and 90's style. Scrunchies definitely fall in that category. I've even taken to making scrunchies of my own lately, if you follow me on instagram (holymanicures) you've probably seen photos I've posted of my different attempts at making scrunchies. It's a really fun and easy project.

Back to the BPS scrunchie, I don't think I'd want to deal with sewing velvet or velour in order to make a similar one for myself, so this is perfect. It's a great size, smaller than most of my other scrunchies, which makes it ideal for adding to the end of a fishtail braid or putting around a small bun.

A scrunchie is an easy finishing touch to a simple hairstyle, and velvet one is even more ideal if you want to add a little 90's to any outfit.

The scrunchie is available for only $1.70, and you can still use my 10% off coupon on any BPS purchases.

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  1. I got one in poundland as part of a set. I use it to tie my hair back at night. Not brave enough to use it during the day :P