Saturday, May 12, 2012

Nail Tool Organization.

I reorganized the drawer I keep all of my nail tools and care items today, so I thought I would give a quick over view of the drawer.

In the front I have top coats, base coats, polish thinner, cuticle remover, and nail treatments. To the side of the front I have all my stamping plates along with my stamper and scraper. Behind that I have a small plastic container with brushes and dotting tools, along with other thin tools. My rhinestone wheel is also propped up in there. 

The drawer also holds Orly Nail Rescue, leftover Kiss nail stickers, toothpicks, a body butter, various nail buffers, and two paint palettes. 

Beneath the paint palettes are all of my acrylic paints, nail polish remover pads, a hand scrub, and various makeup sponges for gradients.

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