Sunday, January 4, 2015

2014 Favorites.

Each year since starting this blog I've selected my favorites of the year and shared them at the year's end (I'm slightly behind schedule this time.) I've enjoyed this little tradition in the past so of course I wanted to keep it alive.

Without further ado, here are my favorites of 2014 in no particular order...

Watercolor Triangle Nails

Reviewing my work from the year it was obvious most of these designs were from the beginning of 2014. As the year went on Holy Manicures became less of a priority for me. I've found that the pace that feels the most right for me are my twice monthly Beauty Blitz posts. While I still enjoy nail art I can't dedicate myself to posting every day or every week anymore. I'm getting ready to begin an exciting internship and start my final semester of college, so I expect to be very busy during 2015. I'll be sure to continue my sporadic updates and hopefully the occasional nail art post, but I can't say with any certainty that there will be a 2015 Favorites post in my future.